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Super Metroid Y-Faster 100% TAS by Hoandizi

The best scientists of the galaxy works in this station and their last discovery was astounding! They have created a serum that enables creatures to be invincible! Must open the hidden one to free the one that blocks your path! This hack has new rooms, items, enemies, and new graphics. The difficulty level is easier then most SM hacks. Wet Dream Extended Here is a hack which entails some added difficulty!

Its a hack based on water rooms. You will feel your body become slightly harder to maneuver also. Some of the maps have been changed also to accompany the challenges ahead. Some major changes where made to make the hack wide open from the start. There is a lot you can do here, and there are many many ways you can go to get to the end. Yes the escape timer is glitched.

And yes you can get into tourian. The extended patch and the original patch are included for those who wish to play the older version also. Support Zophar's Domain on Patreon! Legal Stuff Privacy Policy. Super Metroid - Hydellius. Super Metroid Phazon. Super Metroid Phazon is a full hack of Super Metroid. Wet Dream Extended. Here is a hack which entails some added difficulty!GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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super metroid rom hacks

I have no affiliation with them, nor do I have any legal rights or ownership over the aforementioned properties. I'm just a fan. Sorry if this is too dumbed down for you. Please read the whole thing anyway. Download Latest Stable Build. As Super Metroid is one of my favorite games of all time, and it makes me bit sad sad that this genre-defining classic hasn't seen a remake since Seriously, it's one of the handful of retro games who's mechanics haven't aged almost at all, and yet the only official version of the game that exists is the original from 24 years ago.

Having a fair bit of experience with the Unity Game Engine in which I am developing my own gameI've considered attempting a fan remake myself, perhaps something along the lines of the fantastic AM2R which you you can still find with a brief google search, BTW.

But I'd rather my work not suffer the same DCMA-based fate as the aforementioned love-letter to the franchise. Well, within the last few months, I've discovered the wonderful world of ROM-hacking, Super Metroid in particular, and I've been dripping with excitement ever since. I've played through a handful of hacks and even applied a few tweaks for my own enjoyment. For the record, I'm not new to the world of emulation for retro-games, having a moderate library of classic titles and others from my own childhood.

I use LaunchBox to manage this library, along with my games from Steam and other places. Unlike the vanilla version of the emulator, it makes a handful of improvements and adds some new controls to the game by means of memory manipulation and the occasional input spoof during runtime.

On top of that, Snes9X already has a number of featured to improve the visuals and sound of the game, and this copy of the emulator is optimized for Super Metroid by default. Each major feature listed below can be enabled or disabled in a special config file. More on that later. I've added a number of additional controls to the game. This system works by hijacking joypads 2, 3, and 4 in the emulator, so they do work with hardware controllers.

The programs's input configuration screen reflects these new controls.

super metroid rom hacks

Seriously, you have no idea what a difference it makes to have the missiles and super missiles on quick-fire buttons.

The combat in the game is SO much more fun and fluid when you don't have to stop what your doing and switch weapon modes constantly. Not to mention that having the super missiles on a hot button makes them a much more tactical option for combat, instead of them being the "OH CRAP! The grapple beam benefits even more so, since using the grapple beam prevents you from using your other weapons, and the grapple beam is not the best in a combat situation.

On a quick-fire button, you can now flip between shooting and grappling seamlessly. All of this opens up a lot more options for daring manuveres and badass moments in your gameplay.Sponsored links:. They intend to develop an army of bionic creatures to take over the universe. Oh, and they also kidnapped Samus. So go for it! If you quickly rescue Samus beat the game in a certain ammount of timeshe might reward you by doing a strip-tease!

Hyper Metroid

The level layout has completely changed and the level graphics have all been changed as well. Metroid This hack changes the room layouts, enemy placements, and palettes in the original Metroid.

Unfortunately the map and item placements have not been changed, so any person who knows where to go in the original game will know where to go in this hack. Metroid Adventure This is a hack of the original game Metroid.

It still preserves the best of Metroid but gets a new twist that still feels much like the original. The game still uses the same rooms as in the original Metroid. The brother game to Metroid Adventure, Super Metroid 8-Bit uses the same map basically but different rooms themed after rooms in Super Metroid. Two of the rooms in Norfair were edited in minor ways, none visible two bomb-able floors were made unbreakable. Items are moved, puzzles are changed, and there is no such thing as a dead end.

It is hard both mentally and physically, but I avoided such design flaws as having to bomb arbitrary points in the floor or placing enemies so that you get smacked in the face on the way in or out of rooms.

Also, minor text and graphics hacks were done, but mostly just for packaging purposes, As in, the title screen was changed, mostly.

Metroid Eternal Darkness This Metroid hack contains entirely new levels, new enemies, new palletes, etc.

Metroid M This is a hack of Metroid that includes level changes and a modified palette. Metroid Origin This hack completely re-vamps the game from beginning to end.

Metroid Planet This is another remix hack where a lot of level layouts have been changed. The game features Link instead of Samus in suit and a slightly modified Kid Icarus instead of Samus out of suit.

Metroid Remix This is a hack for Metroid. It improves the challenge level of the game considerably and alters the location of items and monsters. It also alters the layout of several areas in the game. Metroid Revival Metroid Revival is a full hack of the original Metroid. Changes include: Completely redesigned areas, Some new custom graphics such as modified enemy sprites and new animated tiles including animated lava Metroid X This is a map edit for the original Metroid.

Screens, enemy and item placement, palettes, text, and more are all changed. The primary goal was to make the game more playable - the discerning player will note the careful placement of platforms and enemies to make jumps easier. However, beating the game will not be a cinch.

Items are much more difficult to get, corridors are contorted into winding mazes, and many of the energy tanks have been completely eliminated. Metroid- nude suit In this hack, Samus Aran is naked nothing was changed. None of the weapons or power ups were changed. Support Zophar's Domain on Patreon! Legal Stuff Privacy Policy.Author: Metaquarius. Download: Version 1. Difficulty: Veteran [?

Forum thread: Release Thread.

super metroid rom hacks

So why faster? Because you should. Rules: Defeat 5 main bosses in 5 distinct areas then head to the final boss as fast as possible. Each area can be completed in one run and in any order no need to go back and forth between areas to progress. Once the main boss is defeated, you must rush to the next area.

You don't have any time to spare as you usually do in most exploration oriented hacks as you instantly die when the timer reaches zero. If you exit an area before beating the main boss, you're doing it wrong. Advices: In case you're confused, look at the map - all area maps are available from the start. The game is designed for veterans in mind and a few techniques may be required depending on your current equipment mid-air morphing, crouch jumping, double bomb jumping, etc.

Areas feature varying degree of difficulty, if you keep dying or make slow progress, maybe start over with another area first - some areas are brutal when underequipped. There is a good chance that it will take you a few tries before completing the game under the time limit.

From the knowledge you gathered from your runs, try different routes and find the fastest one overall. Read More. You must login to rate this hack. You may also have to clear your browser's cookies.By Another WorldMay 4, 17, 21 0. Be sure to check the source page for more great Metroid hacks and patches. Metroid Super Zeromission v2. Page 1 of 2. Level Joined: Jan 3, Messages: 10, Country:. Sloshy GBAtemp Regular. Level 2. Joined: Nov 30, Messages: Country:. Ooh, this sounds great!

As a Metroid fan this sounds like music to my ears; specifically the Kraid theme. GreatZimkogway Still a Touhou Fanatic. Level 4. Joined: Jul 21, Messages: 2, Country:. So Super Metroid now looks like Zero Mission? That's no good. Super Metroid looked perfectly fine on it's own. Level 5. Joined: Aug 31, Messages: 3, Country:.

Joined: Jun 3, Messages: Country:. Hey any good hack with good gameplay is great in my book. Im gonna check it out. Besides call me a noob but I always got stuck on Super Metroid. Maybe I wont on this. Joined: Mar 28, Messages: Country:. VatoLoco Don't crush that dwarf, hand me the pliers.

Level 8.Version 0. It's mostly a feature update that also undoes certain changes that people didn't seem to generally like. Honestly, it's a hold-over version that I recently made from a fresh copy of 0. Despite that, I'm still really happy with this release! It addresses a lot of small nags, and feels more polished.

Hopefully it puts PB closer to an ideal balance between vanilla and custom. If you're disappointed with getting a smaller update, it might help to know that a LOT of new PB content was made over the last couple of years that hasn't been used yet, but someday will be. The current release is stable and fully playable. If you don't like spoilers, you should download and play it now before going to any of the other links on this page. Don't know how to play it?

The PB speedrunning community has clocked countless hours streaming, routing, finding bugs, and promoting the game. Future versions will be much more polished because of your work.

Ultime Decathlon for including PB as one of the speedrun games for their event. Smaller update? Why not 0. Thanks for being patient, it'll be worth the wait.Rom hacks are modifications of original games created by fans. If you like playing classic Metroid games, you might want to check this list out!

If you have any questions or have useful information add, please leave a comment below! This is the unofficial prequel to the original Metroid game. The hack features an all-new map, new enemies, bosses, items and more. You can really tell the developers are big fans of the series. Seriously everything about this game looks better than the original. Metroid Mother definitely pushes the NES hardware to its limits.

The Best Metroid Rom Hacks So Far

There are many minor but noticeable changes to the graphics, the physics engine, and much more. The biggest change though is to the level design. It features a new level design and only one map to play on. Finding secrets is extra fun in Eris. Graphics and nothing else was changed but the level design was executed so well that I had to list it. Super Metroid Redesign is a complete overhaul to the original Super Metroid game.

The most noticeable changes are to the physics. I really like the feel of Redesign. The game plays so smoothly, I love the running and jumping mechanics. They also added new abilities and items to the game. This is a must play for any Super Metroid fan!


There has also been minor changes to items and enemies. This hack is well done, but pretty hard so I would only recomend to hardcore Super Metroid fans.

Super Metroid Phazon takes place in pure darkness. All levels are very dark and have that creepy outer space type of atmosphere. All levels, enemies, unlockables and level warps are brand new. Most levels have decent designs, but this game is difficult. This is Super Metroid but the unofficial darker hyped up version known as Hyper Metroid.

This game features an all new storyline, new areas to explore, a custmizble weapons system and more action packed gameplay. This is actually one of my personal favorite rom hacks on this list! This combination creates arguably the best Super Metroid rom hack ever made. The gameplay has been revamped, tweaked and feels even better than Super Metroid in my opinion. Page Contents:.

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