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We are canvas specialists with the highest standards of quality. We use the most premium materials in the industry so your abstracts stay eloquent and your landscapes stay breathtaking. See how we make great art. The only kind of love that can be guaranteed.

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Everyone can find something they will love, from graffiti street art to fine art ; from 3-piece art to giant art. Be the first to hear about new artists and receive special promotions. Great Art, Made Affordable for Everyone Highest quality canvas art prints, priced for every lover of art.

The Great Wave at Katsushika Hokusai Canvas Print. The Cafe Terrace on the Vincent van Gogh Canvas Print. Statue Of Liberty, New Matteo Colombo Canvas Print. Keep Your Coins.

I Want Unknown Artist Canvas Print. Nipsey Hussle R. The Garden of Earthly Hieronymus Bosch Canvas Print. The Problem We All Live Norman Rockwell Canvas Print. Sunset Over Ocean, Gulf Tim Fitzharris Canvas Print. Bebop Keith Mallett Canvas Print. Circulation Minjae Lee Canvas Print. Harbor Lights Nan Canvas Print. Handcrafted Quality We are canvas specialists with the highest standards of quality. Check out our customer feedback.In a website is essential for almost any business or organization no matter how big or small it is.

I can set up a website from start to finish including domain registration and hosting. You can have as much or as little input on the design and development of the website as you like and I will take all of your feedback on board.

Once your website is online it is important to get ranked high on all major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Canvas Web Design can also run online ad campaigns which is a very effective way of increasing the amount of people viewing your website and in turn increase the number of customers using your business. Social Media ad campaigns are also an effective form of increasing the amount of customers using your service. SEO may be what you need to take your business to the next level.

The previous website design for Lyndhurst Security Metrics became outdated and needed to be updated. I created a modern design for the website that is a means of communication and information for clients.

canvas websites

This is an example e-commerce website I have created. It includes online payments and a secure administration panel where things like payments, clients and bookings could be managed. Canvas Web Design Specialist in creating a digital presence for small businesses Why should you care? Lyndhurst Security Metrics The previous website design for Lyndhurst Security Metrics became outdated and needed to be updated.

View Site. Basic Website. Perfect for most small businesses trying to grow an online presence. Online Store. The best way to sell product through the internet. A proposal will be sent to your email with a choice of possible designs and ideas for your website for free. If you would prefer you can contact me through any of the following channels.If you have built or own a site using Canvas and feel it should be included please share your website link to the comments below.

Great Art, Made Affordable for Everyone

Website 1: www. Website 2: www. Website 3: www. Website 4: www. Website 5: www. Website 8: www. Website 9: www. Website www. Some great sites there and all very different which I found surprising.

Some great designs here, I use Woo Themes and it is amazing to see how much they have grown over the past couple of years, and for great reason too. Some great choices. I can currently modify from the Canvas Theme Options, but looking beyond this to super pimp it!

Looking at what other people have done design wise with Canvas is motivational. I like simple and beautiful layouts. Back to work. Should we use WooThemes comment form built in or Facebook comments, or both together…? Yes, i just installed Canvas as well and have no idea where to start…. Thank you for featuring sites designed on Canvas. I switched to Canvas a while ago and, while going through a major learning curve, I am inspired to see designs made by other Canvas users. Ready to do some major redesigning.

Hats off to WooThemes for still providing support and updates to Canvas :D. I have been using Canvas for over two years now and am truly so grateful to Jamie and the PootlePress team for enlightening my working world.

I shall most certainly be using Canvas as my Theme choice for my own business website. Canvas is great, I like seeing what other designers can create with it.

Here are 10 of my favourite examples of Canvas being used in the wild. This list has been compiled by trawling through the WooThemes showcase and picking the sites that I feel work best. The list is entirely subjective.Any image, any size or resolution. Upload from your computer or directly from Instagram or Facebook. Works with almost any size image! Choose the perfect sizeframing options and even add one of our amazing photo filters and effects to make your image really pop!

We'll do the rest. Your canvas print is lovingly printed, hand-stretched and carefully packed and delivered to you in a few days. Have your photos printed on artist-quality, fine art paper and expertly fitted with a gorgeous wood frame. Create a custom pet portrait that perfectly captures your pet and their personality.

Our Canvas Prints are made with only the highest quality materials in the industry. Our process ensures that you get perfect results optimized for any size canvas, every time. Our skilled technicians will expertly adjust contrast, saturation, resolution, sharpness… and more.

Our canvas prints and framed prints are handmade by real people. That means real eyes inspecting your image and real hands framing it with care. Each and every canvas print we make comes with an extra special ingredient: love.

Create your own Canvas Print. It's as easy as Anybody can create beautiful prints with our intuitive builders.

canvas websites

Choose Any image, any size or resolution. Customize Choose the perfect sizeframing options and even add one of our amazing photo filters and effects to make your image really pop!

canvas websites

Ship We'll do the rest. Check out our products. We offer more than just Canvas Prints, take a look at some of our products. Canvas Prints Preserve your photo memories on the highest quality canvas available.Advanced editing on PC. Create, edit, convert, and send cut data to and from the machine.

Forgot my Login ID. Forgot my password. Stay Logged In 7 days. Log In. See connection methods to transfer your cutting data to your cutting machine. The mac version of the data creation application 'CanvasWorkspace' for Brother cutting machines has been released. For detail, check Brother Solutions Center. Version 4. It's already updated automatically.

The Terms and Conditions have been changed. For previously activated collections, you will need to redownload and make sure you install the latest firmware in the machine. Software updates for some ScanNCut models have been released. For details, check Brother Solutions Center. More news Release Notes. The Windows version of the data creation application 'CanvasWorkspace' for Brother cutting machines has been released. For details, read the Release Notes.

Version 3. Version 2. ScanNCut Type Converter has been released. This application is used to create cutting data for character patterns from TrueType fonts installed on your computer. Version 1.We offer everything you need to build, manage, and grow an effective website.

Our mission-driven business cares about the things that matter to you. We're a certified B Corporation, purchase local wind energy, and support nonprofits and causes like Friends of Trees' neighborhood tree planting, the Oregon Food Bank, and Relay For Life.

It's just a few ways we use business as a force for good. We offer the best website hosting and website builder tools in the Pacific Northwest, with excellent customer support!

We're confident you'll find us a great fit for your hosting needs. This blog post could also have been… Read more. Lately it has come to my attention that words can do a lot to cut down or build up a conversation. At Canvas Host, we communicate… Read more. Every day, we receive phone calls and answer tickets… Read more. Northwest values, global service. To us, you're not a number. You have a name, a story to tell, and a passion for what you do.

We connect you in the digital world, so your business succeeds in the real one. What is web hosting? It's what we do. Sincewe've helped thousands of customers worldwide create an online presence. Click for details. Great hosting, period. No gimmicks or dishonest marketing.

We're committed to providing you the best hosting and Support.At the end of this page, you will know how to set up a canvas 2D context and have drawn a first example in your browser. These are both optional and can also be set using DOM properties. When no width and height attributes are specified, the canvas will initially be pixels wide and pixels high. The element can be sized arbitrarily by CSSbut during rendering the image is scaled to fit its layout size: if the CSS sizing doesn't respect the ratio of the initial canvas, it will appear distorted.

It is always a good idea to supply an id because this makes it much easier to identify it in a script. These rules, however, don't affect the actual drawing on the canvas.

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We'll see how this is done in a dedicated chapter of this tutorial. When no styling rules are applied to the canvas it will initially be fully transparent. It can also be the destination for streamed media, using a MediaStream. You should always provide fallback content to be displayed by those browsers. For example, we could provide a text description of the canvas content or provide a static image of the dynamically rendered content.

This can look something like this:. Telling the user to use a different browser that supports canvas does not help users who can't read the canvas at all, for example.

As a consequence of the way fallback is provided, unlike the element embeds an image into the document. If this tag is not present, the rest of the document would be considered the fallback content and wouldn't be displayed.

In this tutorial, we focus on the 2D rendering context. The canvas is initially blank. To display something, a script first needs to access the rendering context and draw on it.

Business Model Canvas Explained

For 2D graphics, such as those covered by this tutorial, you specify "2d" to get a element. It is used for drawing shapes, text, images, and other objects. Once you have the element node, you can access the drawing context using its getContext method. Scripts can also check for support programmatically by simply testing for the presence of the getContext method. Our code snippet from above becomes something like this:. Note: it is not good practice to embed a script inside HTML.

We do it here to keep the example concise. The script includes a function called drawwhich is executed once the page finishes loading; this is done by listening for the load event on the document. This function, or one like it, could also be called using window.

To begin, let's take a look at a simple example that draws two intersecting rectangles, one of which has alpha transparency. We'll explore how this works in more detail in later examples. Get the latest and greatest from MDN delivered straight to your inbox.

Sign in to enjoy the benefits of an MDN account. Last modified: Dec 5,by MDN contributors. Related Topics. It can be created from a variety of source objects using the createImageBitmap factory method.

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