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By Mark and RosaApril 24, in Philippines. Hello everyone. I just want to have your opinion with this Administrative Processing. The consul gave me 2 pamphlet regarding domestic violence together with g form and he returned my Passport also. They said sorry for the mistake they've done and they renewed my clearance to correct the remarks. They attached the my new Clearance to the Explanation letter together with the copy of the NBI Clearance with wrong remarks. They also said that it will be picked up by US Embassy.

What does ready means? Is this status good or what? So confused. Thanks in advance. Adjustment of Status. Accepted March 19, Text message with receipt numbers. Biometrics April 16, Biometrics completed.

TD May 23, Travel Document approved and went for card production. Green Card Approved July 11, Approved, no interview. Went to card production. Green Card received July 17, GC received without interview.

Removal of Conditions. Check Cashed Dec 21, Check was cashed.

221g administrative processing no documents asked 2019

Biometrics Appt. Jan 29, Biometrics Appointment Scheduled [Completed]. Little more patience.

Visa Approved, Why Was I Placed On Administrative Processing 221(g)?

Don't worry after Administrative processing changed to Ready is normal soon within days it will change to Issue. Last month my cousin family was in AP for almost days and later it changed to Ready and within week time changed to Issue so no need to worry Good luck. Me and my fiancee has been worried since I got the g after my interview.As part of the visa interview process, they often issue g form, when they want to do additional processing and cannot make the decision at the time interview is being conducted.

When the US consulate officer determines that additional processing is required before they can make the decision on your US visa issuance, they issue g form.

It is a basically a piece of paper and it can be in various colors, depending on the consulate and processing they would like to do or information they need to verify. A person can be put under administrative processing,also called as g, because of several reasons.

Some of the most common reasons are:. Once your visa stamping case is put under administrative processing using g, following steps happen:. View g Cases by added by community. Please add your g Case for everyone's benefit. It is fully anonymous and will help many waiting for it like you.

There is no set timeline or SLA for g processing. It totally depends on the case and it can take as little as a week, or as much as several months. It is very hard to know how much time it will take for them to come to a decision on your visa stamping case. See below. As per US Dept of State, unless it is an emergency like injury, death of family member or something critical, you should not contact them regarding administrative processing before Days.

See below from Dept of State website. As per US Dept of state guidance, you cannot reach out before days, but users can still track their case online using the options provided and sometimes, they can call as well. Below are the various options to follow-up on your g case :. Do you need help from community in same boat with g? Join the Telegram Group Give or get advice Absolutely no premium processing or way to expedite the process, unless it is an emergency as indicated.

You just need to wait. The wait can be long, but it is what it is…. Not necessarily. Unfortunately, administrative processing takes time, and one needs to remain hopeful.

In case the US stamping request is rejected after the administrative processing:.


Again, this is a very lengthy process and can take time. Some of these steps would happen during the administrative processing as well. Also, you can check out our g tracker that has anonymous data with users like you, who added the details for community benefit.

It is fully anonymous. Please add your case to the g Tracker. I was following up with them every week but the same response that it is under administrative processing and will take some time and suddenly on 10 March I got mail to submit additional details which I am still collating and on 16th March I got the mail to submit the passport and which I already submitted.We initially refuse most immigrant visa applicants under Section g of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

There is usually no need to worry: it is almost always a temporary refusal. Section g says that we cannot issue your visa until we are sure you are qualified for the visa in every way. With immigrant visas, we almost never know on the day of the interview whether you are truly qualified. So, we will need some time to verify this. Sometimes, we need you to give us additional documents or information. We will let you know, in writing, what we need.

Many cases require administrative processing. Each case is handled individually, so we cannot predict exactly how long it will take. We end up issuing almost all cases that we refuse under Section g. The law requires us to adjudicate issue or refuse every case on the day of the application. Since we usually are not yet prepared to issue, we must first refuse.

For example, if we ask you to provide a birth certificate or additional proof of your relationship, and you do not give it to us within one year, your case will remain in refused status. Finally, if we discover that you are not eligible for the visa for some other reason, we will also refuse you under the new, appropriate section of the law.

Can any one let me know how much more time does it take to get the visa after they ask for new I20?

3 Reasons Your 221g Was Refused

There is no deadline or time limit on how long it would take to for the U. Embassy to process g. I have seen Administrative Processing time for 3 days to 5 weeks to 2 years.

It depends on the case by case basis. Read this F1 Visa and Administrative Processing to get specific details on the processing time of various applicants. Can we request to expedite the g processing?People planning to visit the United States usually have to undergo a visa interview process before they are allowed to enter the country.

The interview process takes place at a US embassy or consulate in your home country or the country you are currently in.

Visa Approved Status Admin Processing, Form 221g Solution

During the interview, all your documents and information will be reviewed and you will be questioned about the reasons you are traveling to the United States. This interview puts many in a panic because the United States has a strict reputation for letting immigrants into the country. However, you do not need to fret if you have all your documents and story in place to tell your interviewer at the embassy.

Make sure to review your documents and rehearse what you are going to say before going into your interview. You want to be prepared! For tips on getting through this interview with ease, check out other articles on our site about successfully completing your US visa process interview. Once the foreign service officers have checked all your documents, they decide whether your visa will be approved or rejected.

In other cases, you might be issued a g, which is the request for additional information to verify your case. If you are issued a g, you are neither rejected or accepted from getting a visa to enter the United States.

221g administrative processing no documents asked 2019

A g does not mean you are ineligible to go into the United States so do not feel offended if it ends up happening to you. The only thing the g does is place you on hold to request additional information from you about your visa process. There are three primary reasons why the officer at the embassy or consulate will issue you a g refusal:.

If you come from another religion or work in an industry which is in the technology alert list TALyou might be put under review by the consulate. Industries in the TAL include people working in engineering, pharma or biotech. If this is the case for you, you might have to go through extra background checks on your family or employment history. The United States will usually do an extra employment check if you work in a consultancy that is hard to define.

This extra check is to dig in a little deeper to what exact work and projects you are currently working on. In this case, the g simply puts your visa processing on hold until all information has been updated. Get the complete guide to the g Refusals.

221g administrative processing no documents asked 2019

Enter your email to gain instant access to the our complete guide to g refusals in the U.I had my interview today and the VO handed me a g blue slip. Only, needs administrative processing is checked. No other box is checked.

The VO dint event check my i He asked a couple of questions and handed me the slip and kept the passport. The officer said it usually takes one week to process. But reading about this in the internet seems scary.

The interview happened on 27th Jan Hello, it happened with me too, attended interview on Jan 19th, got g slip and they kept my docs along with original I and passport and mentioned processing.

I faced the same situation yesterday, passport retained and with administrative processing checked on g. Got the same white slip g and retained passport. Only checked the box at the bottom below the warning. She told me if I did not hear back in 14 days contact us, other than that nothing was told. Chid … Did you get a response within a week? I had the same experience.

VO retained my passport and issued G blue slip with additional admin processing ticked. I think the color does not matter. I know people who got white slip and still got the passport in one week.

So if the VO retained your passport its a very good sign. Reading a lot of scary stuff on Internet. I had an exact same experience like yours. Interview on Feb Hope to get my stamped passport soon…. Trincazz please post if you receive any updates Thanks!!

Status change for me too, from 10th Feb to 13th Feb. Says Issued now. Hope to get my stamped passport soon! Just asked me few questions and then asked me to fill out a form for more details. And gave me gkept my passport. Pretty scared mostly coz of my name. Had similar case. Interview on 8th May ; Passport retained and given a blue form with administrative processing box ticked in the form.

Officer said its a regular process. Not to worry. It is B1 visa. No updates yet. But one of my senior had the same case and got approved in 2 weeks. My interview was on 3rd… lets lee what happens next. Mine is H1B btw. H1B Visa.Did you know that USCIS uses administrative processing as a catch-all phrase when a case needs additional review? I read somewhere on the state. So, is it possible for them to approve a visa and then place you on Administrative Processing?

I come across a lot of people who panic when placed in administrative processing because they think of the worst possible outcome. Guess what? The visa is the first step that allows you to ask for permission to enter the U. A new piece of information about your background can be dug up which can cause the consular officer to reconsider their decision.

Up until you enter the U. Amir had his CR1 spouse visa interview at the Egypt embassy and he felt like it went really well. He answered all the questions the consular officer asked with confidence. At the end of the interview, the consular officer told him that the visa was approved. In the case above, administrative processing is probably due to additional review of paperwork. Consular officers try not to tell someone their visa is approved unless they believe your are eligible.

Wait 60 days before contact the consulate or embassy as this is the amount of time they require to complete AP. Telling you to relax and not panic about administrative processing is easier said than done, right? I remember my own case status being administrative processing for 1 week before it was issued and mailed to me. If 60 days have gone by without an update, you should contact the Department of State DOS at Be warned though that the representative you speak with may not give you the answer you want to hear.

Often times they just let you know that your case is still being processed and to wait another weeks. Your only option would be to reapply for the visa with more evidence. This normally means you have to submit a new application and visa fee except if the denial related to g. If you were found ineligible for the visa under section byou should be able to submit additional evidence without reapplying.

Was your case placed in Administrative Processing? How long did you wait for your visa? Tell me about it in the comments below. Ayan has helped hundreds of couples submit their own successful petitions, visas and green card applications.

I went for interview on the 19th of July and the interviewer took my wedding certificate from among the documents I had and ask me when I got got married and I told him and he ask when was my certificate issue and I told him but unfortunately for me he told me why the married certificate was given a month before my wedding so he took the certificate in his possession and give me a paper which say Administrative processing.

Because I want to reunite with my wife to have a better life and to start making our children. So someone please tell me how long will that be.

Just provide all the documents they need and wait for a response. Continue following up on your case weekly too. Your email address will not be published. Submit Comment. Administrative Processing. Most people who are put into Administrative Processing get their visa within weeks.

Case Example: Amir had his CR1 spouse visa interview at the Egypt embassy and he felt like it went really well. USCIS is aware that marriage is the easiest way to a green card and they must determine which couples are sincere and which ones are trying to game the system.

If your relationship is real, then you should be able to get through administrative processing without an issue.I did NOT receive any form g or any other document whatsoever. Why is it in Administrative processing then? This is pretty common question in this situation. Admin processing is the normal status and could mean multiple things with or without form g.

A new type of admin processing is on the rise at US embassy when they issue form DS to go through your last 15 year travel history and residence addresses.

If your visa was approved and no form g was issued, then you can expect your stamped passport within working days. No need to worry. It is possible that US embassy has not issued form g but the status will still show as admin processing on CEAC website. This person worked for direct US employer full time. This H1B visa stamping was done just after H1B transfer approval in premium. They now ask following questions:. Problem as analysed by person himself and attorney : In this case, this person forgot to tell one of his address that he lived in USA to VO officer.

VO did not tell this to the person but instead, just issued a form g with no documents to submit. Form g may be issued even if there are no extra documents required from you.

Usually, the documents list is printed by default and the visa officer will cross it down. The is the the real email that was sent. I must say that attorney was really smart in this case and took fast decision and really helped the candidate.

The person had his H1B visa approved in 7 straight days including weekends. If the visa officer is not satisfied with your answers or you are working in an EVC Employer Vendor Client model with H1B visa, the chances are high for request for more documents.

You will have to stay back in Mexico or Canada if your case gets into Admin processing. It may take days to get your passport with stamped US visa. You should not book your travel tickets with fixed dates if you do get form g as there are no fixed timelines.

If your passport has been returned by US visa officer after interview and a form g was issued, then the chances are very high that your case processing will take at-least 6 or more weeks. You will get an email to submit the passport again as and when the US embassy is ready to stamp your US visa.

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